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 We have specialized in the collection of strata levies since 1992. During this period we have developed systems, knowledge expertise and a network of field agents.

 Our experience has resulted in a detailed knowledge of the methods and procedures necessary to collect levies in almost every situation, no matter how unusual.

 Our aim is to provide a collection service to Body Corporates and Local Councils. We are committed to working within this niche market. We want to ensure that the strata managers reputation and management is made easier by being able to rely on effective collections, assisted by honest and available reporting.

 Stephen Ecob is the Managing Director of CCA. He has experience as a Clerk of the Court in the Local Courts in NSW, completed 4 yrs of 4-5 year Diploma of Law course at Sydney University. Stephen Ecob has been selfemployed in the collection of unpaid accounts since 1985. Since 1992 CCA has confined its business to the niche market of strata levies and council rates. All its clients are in NSW and most are in Sydney. In 1994 Stephen Ecob relocated to Hobart for lifestyle reasons.

 CCAs office was in North Sydney and Glebe from 1995 to 2000. In 2000 CCAs office was relocated to Hobart. Having the office located in Hobart has not disadvantaged CCAs business in any way. In fact, quite the opposite has happened. Staff retention is much better, and the collection staff have much greater abilities than those who normally do collection work in a big city. Documents are posted to court daily, just as they would be from an office in Sydney. Clients ring a Sydney phone phone number which is redirected to Hobart. Advances in Information Technology and internet services now requires that communication is via automated office systems so that time is not wasted on “system items”.

 We are acquiring expertise in the area of Bankruptcy. The use of bankruptcy law must be used in many of the debts we collect. Bankruptcy proceedings are instituted in the Federal Court which only has registries in the capital cities. The Hobart registry has very little work which results in the legal fees payable by the Owners Corporation and the debtor being much lower. In Sydney the solicitor may have to wait hours before the matter is mentioned and the client is charged for that time. In Hobart the list is usually between 1-5 matters in length and all the matters are usually completed within 30 minutes. It is also beneficial for debtors who can appear in court via a phone call from their home or work – without having to waste a day at court. Legal services are renowned for their slowness and expense. Our aim is to continually improve our systems in co-operation with clients, and to develop a very open and honest relationship. Our field agents who deliver documents and conduct investigations have been specially trained by CCA to provide our office staff with the type of information to enable the legal system to be used effectively, instead of being a waste of time.